Giving You A Beautiful, Healthy Lawn All Year Round

The building blocks for a green, weed free lawn is our Lawn Care Program.


This yearly program is adjusted to suit the different elements and issues that come with each season.


Each treatment, scheduled every 10 weeks, consists of fertilisation, weed control, grub control, wetting agent & soil conditioners.


We believe that the before & after below reflects the true value that is in our Lawn Care Program.

Let’s take a look at the five components of the lawn care program


We use a high quality, balanced fertiliser blend that will encourage your lawn to be as healthy and dark green as the Kikuyu lawn below.

The Lawn Guys Fertilization

Weed Control

This is the favourite part of our Lawn Care Program for many of our customers – No more weeds! We can spray away the stubborn weeds currently on your lawn and prevent a whole host of weeds from ever returning


Grub Control

An outbreak of grubs can destroy your lawn in a matter of days. Our Lawn Care Program treatments keep you protected from the threat of grubs and army worms all year round. We were delighted with the recovery of the couch lawn below.


Wetting Agent & Soil Conditioners

The use of a wetting agent is essential. They are specifically designed to move water into the soil profile and increase your lawns ability to retain water.

We use different soil conditioners throughout the year that help with root growth and disease resistance.

Together, making your lawn as strong and healthy as the Buffalo lawn below.



The grass is greener on our side!