What is Core Aeration


• With the majority of Australia experiencing plenty of sunshine and long periods without adequate rainfall, soil compaction is a major issue for home owners to contend with.


• Compacted soil restricts the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients to the root system underneath the surface. This leads to a shallow root base and makes the lawn more susceptible to the invasion of weeds.


• A lawn core aerator runs over the lawn removing plugs of soil up to 70mm in depth. Equipped with hollow tines, the core aerator punches holes in the lawn as it advances leaving plugs of soil on the surface of the lawn.


• Lawn aeration helps to reduce soil compaction by allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to get down into the root system and promotes a thicker, healthier lawn.

The Benefits of Core Aeration

Weed Resistance. New turf growth is promoted, filling in your lawn making it thicker, stronger and less prone to the invasion of weeds.


Drought Protection. Aeration encourages deeper root growth making your lawn more drought tolerant. If you do happen to go through a dry period your grass will be able to secure moisture and nutrients deeper below the surface, maintaining that healthier look for longer.


Free Top Dressing. Plugs of soil sit on the surface of your lawn, effectively giving your lawn an active top dressing. This dressing acts as a mulch and maintains extra moisture in the soil until it is decomposed back in as part of the topsoil.


Increase in Fertiliser Uptake. Get the most out of your fertiliser investment by fertilising directly after aeration. This allows the fertiliser to go where it is most effective, the root base. This will instantly help your grass grow thicker and greener.


Save Money on Your Water Bill. An aerated lawn retains far greater levels of water. Don’t let all that water you’re putting on your lawn go to waste as runoff.

Essentially, you get a greener, thicker, healthier lawn!!

Why Aerate with The Lawn Guys?

We aerate using the best machinery, the Ryan Lawnaire IV. With prices starting from $100 for small front lawns, our standard full property (200sqm – 300sqm in size) costs on average $180 – $240. Our business model is designed so that our customers have their lawn aerated for roughly the same price it costs to go rent a machine. Previously, if homeowners wanted to aerate their lawn, there were three options:

Rent A Machine And Aerate Your Grass Yourself

Too much hassle! This option involves picking up the machine from the rental store, spending hours operating a 120kg machine that is difficult to manoeuvre, and upon completion, cleaning the machine, refilling it with petrol and then dropping it back to the rental store. Notwithstanding, the average rental cost can be up to $170 per day. Our prices reflect the size of your lawn, so you may find yourself paying half the cost of a rental, with no strenuous labour!

Arrange A Gardener To Aerate For You

Gardeners tend to rent the machine and then add on a fee for their service. As we own all our equipment, using a gardener generally ends up costing more than using us to do it for you.

Pitchfork / Spiking

Some people still use the pitchfork or the spiked shoe method. These methods are time consuming and don’t aerate the lawn properly as no core of soil is removed. Spike aeration using the spiked shoes is in fact counter productive as it further compacts the soil. Our machines effectively aerate the lawn, removing cores of soil, so you get the real benefits needed to take your lawn to the next level.


The grass is greener on our side!